Thursday March 10, 2016
08:00   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall 
08:30   Opening ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib,
José Luis Zamorano, Raphael Rosenhek
08:40   Symposium: the changing environment of valve disease
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, José Luis Zamorano
08:40   The epidemic of valvular disease, Maurice Sarano
09:00   Comorbidities and multiple valves: new challenges, Bernard Prendergast
09:20   The heart team and the heart valve clinic, Raphael Rosenhek
09:40   Round table discussion with expert’s panel:
Luc Piérard, Philippe Pibarot, Jean-Luc Monin
09:55   Keynote lecture
Chairmen: Gilles Dreyfus, Gilbert Habib
09:55   Should we operate on tricuspid valve at the time of left-sided valve surgery?
Giovanni La Canna
10:05   Round table discussion with expert’s panel:
Philippe Kolh, Khalil Fattouch, Nico Van de Veire, Alain Berrebi
10:15   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
10:45   Controversies in aortic regurgitation
Chairmen: Victor Legrand, Alain Berrebi
10:45   Paravalvular regurgitation is a risk factor following TAVI, Philippe Pibarot
11:05   Mild paravalvular regurgitation is not a risk factor following TAVI,
Thomas Modine
11:25   Industry symposium 
Accuracy in valve measurements, what are the new trends?
 11:25   2D Pitfalls in measurements in Mitral Regurgitation, Gilbert Habib
11:40   How 3D can help, José Luis Zamorano
11:55   The aortic valve. Do we need 3D ? Ariana González-Gómez
12:10   Do not forget left ventricle in valvulopathies, Julien Magne
12:25   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
13:25   ESC 2015 guidelines. Endocarditis: evolution or revolution?
Chairmen: Luc Piérard, Patrizio Lancellotti
13:25   Prophylaxis, Bernard Iung
13:40   Embolic risk, Patrizio Lancellotti
13:55   Diagnostic strategy, Pilar Tornos
14:10   Endocarditis team and surgical indications, Gilbert Habib
14:25   Round table discussion with expert’s panel
Prakash P. Punjabi, Maurice Sarano, Raluca Elena Dulgheru, Philippe Unger
14:45   Short Communications. Challenges in aortic stenosis
Chairmen: Agnes Pasquet, Ariana González-Gómez
14:45   Why and what to say to the interventionists? José Luis Zamorano
15:00   Should we move toward low risk AS patients with TAVI? Joëlle Kefer
15:15   SAVR or TAVI in patients with previous CABG? Marc Radermecker
15:30   Is TAVI better than SAVR in patients with LV dysfunction? Philippe Pibarot
 15:45   "Valve in Valve" interventions: which is the appropriate patient to select?
 16:00   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
 16:30   Case presentations: challenges in infective endocarditis
Chairmen: Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano 
 16:30   Endocarditis in the intensive care, Bernard Cosyns  
16:45   Pacemaker lead endocarditis, Isidre Villacosta
17:00   TAVI endocarditis, Gilbert Habib
17:15   Marantic endocarditis, Erwan Donal
17:30   Keynote lecture
Chairmen: Khalil Fattouch, Arturo Evangelista Masip
17:30   Aortic valve repair: state of the art? Laurent De Kerchove
17:45   Round table discussion with expert’s panel
Natzi Sakalihasan, Alain Berrebi, Alessandro Della Corte
18:00   Eposter Competition ici
    Chairmen: Erwan Donal, Bernard Cosyns