Friday March 11, 2016
08:00   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall 
08:30   Innovation: new therapeutic approaches of valve disease
Chairmen: Victoria Delgado, Luc Piérard
08:30   Percutaneous mitral valve repair, Khalil Fattouch 
08:50   Round table discussion with expert’s panel
Jose Luis Zamorano, Thomas Modine, Ariana González-Gómez
09:00   Keynote Lecture
Chairman: Arturo Evangelista Masip, Natzi Sakalihasan
09:00   The bicuspid aortic valve, Jean-Luc Monin
09:20   Round table discussion with expert’s panel
Agnes Pasquet, Khalil Fattouch
09:40   Improving risk stratification in asymptomatic mitral regurgitation
Chairmen: Jean-Olivier Defraigne, Jutta Bergler-Klein
09:40   Stress echocardiography, Raluca Elena Dulgheru
09:55   Neuro-hormones, Julien Magne
10:10   Myocardial fibrosis by MRI, Victoria Delgado
10:25   Watchful waiting? Raphael Rosenhek
10:40   Current gold standard in primary MV repair: importance of patient selection,
Alessandro Parolari
10:55   Round discussion with expert’s panel
Cécile Oury, Madalina Garbi
11:10   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
11:40   Industry symposium   Congrès SFNR - Abbott
    Does MitraClip have a survival benefit? 
    Chairman: José Luis Zamorano
11:40   Introduction, José Luis Zamorano
11:50   Who can benefit from the MitraClip Therapy? Philippe Debonnaire
12:00   Does MitraClip have a survival benefit? Martin Swaans
12:10   Patient management after MitraClip Therapy, Victoria Delgado
12:20   Conclusions, José Luis Zamorano
12:40   Industry symposium 
    Anatomical intelligence in Ultrasound, how technology meets clinical practice Endocarditis, Gilbert Habib
    MV, the 3D perspective, Patrizio Lancelloti
    HM and EF, clinical scenarios, José Luis Zamorano
    Fusion imaging in the Cath Lab, the real deal? José Luis Zamorano
13:10   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
 14:05   Seminar TAVI: minimizing complications
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, Gerald Maurer 
14:05   Vascular access, Joëlle Kefer
14:20   Stroke Michael, Thomas Modine
14:35   Permanent pacing, Joëlle Kefer
14:50   Paravalvular leak, José Luis Zamorano
15:05   Round discussion with expert’s panel
Luc Piérard, Ariana González-Gómez
15:20   Challenges in the management secondary mitral regurgitation
Chairmen: Michele De Bonis, Gilbert Habib
15:20   Moderate or severe? Khalil Fattouch
15:35   Guidelines in perspective? Luc Piérard
15:50   Is there yet a place for surgical repair? Michele De Bonis
16:05   Reshape/Coapt: do we need more? Jose Luis Zamorano
16:20   Round discussion with expert’s panel
Khalil Fattouch, Jutta Bergler-Klein, Bernard Iung
16:35   Closing remarks and awards ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib,
José Luis Zamorano, Raphael Rosenhek