Friday October 24, 2014
08:30   Opening Ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano

  Symposium: measuring the risk in valve patients
Bernard Prendergast, Luc Piérard (Joint with ESC WG Valve Disease)
  • EuroScore II and STS score: are they similar? Julien Magne
  • Lessons learnt from the TAVI story? Bernard Iung
  • How to evaluate the risk in elderly subjects? Raphael Rosenhek
  • An illustrative case, Patrizio Lancellotti
  • Round table discussion

  Keynote lecture
José Luis Zamorano, Gilbert Habib
  • Controversies in tricuspid regurgitation: risk marker? Patrizio Lancellotti
10:05   Coffee break in the exhibition hall

  Symposium: challenges for the clinical cardiologists.
Is Echo-Imaging helpful?
Gerald Maurer, Victoria Delgado (Joint with the EACVI)
Focus on aortic valve
Clinical case: a 70-years old attorney with severe aortic stenosis, impaired LV systolic function and mitral regurgitation
  • Severe or not? Philippe Pibarot
  • When to operate? Christophe Tribouilloy
  • Which therapeutic approach? Thomas Modine
  • Should we repair/replace the mitral valve? Maurizio Galderisi
11:30   Surgical talk on demand: focus on minimally invasive approach
Giuseppe Speziale, Martin J. Swaans
  • Does minimally invasive mitral valve repair compromise the results?
    Khalil Fattouch
  • Mininvasive mitral valve repair live cases (Anthea Hospital – Bari Italy)        
    Surgeon: Giuseppe Nasso
  • Does minimally invasive aortic replacement reduce risk of surgery?
    Mauro del Giglio
12:00   Symposium: : Your future with MitraClip
José Luis Zamorano, Raphael Rosenhek
MDT panel: Dabit Arzamendi, Victoria Delgado, Ottavio Alfieri, Raphael Rosenhek
  • Introduction, José Luis Zamorano, Raphael Rosenhek
  • Mitral Regurgitation: how big is the problem? José Luis Zamorano
  • Why and how to start with MitraClip? Dabit Arzamendi
  • Who is the right MitraClip patient? Victoria Delgado
  • Is MitraClip easy? Ottavio Alfieri
  • Take home, Raphael Rosenhekr
13:00   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
14:00   Symposium: diagnostic and treatment of patients with aortic regurgitation
Paolo Colonna, Arturo Evangelista
  • Pathophysiology of aortic regurgitation, Pilar Tornos
  • What are the best diagnostic tools to quantify aortic regurgitation? Agnes Pasquet
  • How should patients with AR be followed-up and when is the best time to
    operate? Raphael Rosenhek
  • State of the art aortic valve/root surgery for AR, Alessandro Della Corte
  • Is there a place for transcatheter valve implantation? Giovanni Esposito
15:30   Keynote lecture
Erwan Donal, Giovanni La Canna
TAVI: worldwide experience and new trends, Thomas Modine
16:00   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
16:30   Controversies in VHD
Bernard Iung, Pilar Tornos
  • Paravalvular regurgitation, even mild, is a risk factor for mortality following TAVI, Jean-Luc Monin
  • Mild paravalvular regurgitation is not an independent predictor of mortality following TAVI, Philippe Pibarot
17:30   Controversy: when to operate in infective endocarditis?
Ottavio Alfieri
  • Earlier is the must? Gilbert Habib
  • Always later? Bernard Prendergast
18:30   End of the sessions