Thursday April 25, 2019
  08:15   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
  08:45   Opening ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José-Luis Zamorano, Luc A Piérard, Thomas Modine, Philippe Pibarot
  08:50   Local host presentation of the venue
José-Luis Zamorano (ESC Vice President), Isidre Vilacosta
  09:00   Symposium: lessons from randomized studies and registries (ESC Core Curriculum in VHD)
Chairmen: Luc A. Piérard, Gilbert Habib, Khalil Fattouch
  09:00   Valvular heart disease euro survey. Bernard Iung
  09:18   EUROENDO: first result. Patrizio Lancellotti
  09:36   Bicuspid aortic valve disease registry. Arturo EvangelistaPDF
  09:54   What recent data we have in EU in valve disease ? Covadonga Fernandez GolfinPDF
  10:12   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Philippe Pibarot, Khalil Fattouch, Gilles Dreyfus, Thierry Le Tourneau, Marc Radermecker
  10:30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      Poster display of accepted abstract
  11:00   Flash news on Malignant mitral valve prolapse
Chairmen: John Chambers, Luc A Piérard, Thomas Modine
  11:00   Case presentation. Patrizio Lancellotti
  11:10   Sudden cardiac death: incidence and mechanisms. Madalina GarbiPDF
  11:27   Pathology and imaging. Madalina GarbiPDF
  11:44   Patients at risk of sudden death. Jérôme Hourdain
  12:01   Primary prevention of sudden death. Jan Minners
  12:18   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Rodolphe Durieux, Patrizio Lancellotti, Thomas Modine
  12:30   Industry symposium
  13:15   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
      Poster display of accepted abstract
  14:15   Translational valvular heart disease research: from biology to treatment
Chairmen: Philippe Pibarot, Patrizio Lancellotti, Jean-Luc Monin
  14:15   New insights into valvular biology. Cécile Oury
  14:30   Valvular calcification: pathophysiological mechanism. Marie-Annick ClavelPDF
  14:45   Bioprosthetic valve deterioration: mechanism and diagnosis. Ariana Gonzalez Gomez PDF
  15:00   Amyloidosis in AS: mechanisms and management. Erwan DonalPDF
  15:15   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Joelle Kefer, Christophe Martinez
  15:30   News Flash: treatment of persistent pulmonary hypertension in corrected valvular heart disease
Chairmen: Jan Minners, Gilbert Habib, Philippe Pibarot
  15:30   First reports. Javier BermejoPDF
  15:40   Morning versus afternoon valvular heart surgery, what difference does it make? David MontaignePDF
  15:50   Short Communications. TAVI Quo-Vadis (ESC Core Curriculum in VHD)
Chairmen: Luc A. Pierard, Philippe Pibarot
  15:50   TAVI for Non-AS Indications. Xiao ZhouPDF
  16:02   TAVI for low risk populations – are we there yet? Thomas Modine
  16:14   TAVI for asymptomatic aortic stenosis – time for a change in paradigm? Philippe PibarotPDF
  16:26   Durability of transcatheter valves – where is the evidence? Anna Sonia PetronioPDF
  16:38   LV mechanics after TAVI and SAVR. Teresa LopezPDF
  16:50   Small valve for a small root. Is it worth?. Marco Moscarelli
  17:02   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Christophe Martinez, David Montaigne
  17:15   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      Poster display of accepted abstract
  17:45   Challenging the experts. Complex multidisciplinary decision making in valvular heart disease (ESC Core Curriculum in VHD)
Chairmen: Isidre Villacosta, Michele De Bonnis, David Montaigne, Javier Bermejo
  17:45   A patient with aortic stenosis and an indication for non-cardiac surgery. Jean-Luc MoninPDF
  17:55   A pregnant women with a mechanical heart valve prosthesis. Agnès PasquetPDF
  18:05   A patient with prosthetic valve endocarditis. Gilbert HabibPDF
  18:15   A patient with mitral regurgitation and HOCM. Gilles DreysfusPDF
  18:25   Round table discussion with experts’ panel: Pilar Tornos, Olivier Gach, Giovanna La Canna, Covadonga Fernández-Golfín
  18:35   End of the sessions

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