Programme Chairs
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano, Luc A Piérard, Thomas Modine, Philippe Pibarot
Local Host
José Luis Zamorano, Isidre Villacosta
Manuel ANTUNES, Coimbra Portugal                        
Javier BERMEJO, Madrid, Spain
John CHAMBERS, London, United Kingdom
Marie-Annick CLAVEL, Québec, Canada
Augustin COISNE, Lille, France
Michele DE BONIS, Milano, Italy
Erwan DONAL, Rennes, France
Gilles DREYFUS, Paris, France
Rodolphe DURIEUX, Liege, Belgium
Arturo EVANGELISTA, Barcelona, Spain
Khalil FATTOUCH, Palermo, Italy
Covadonga FERNANDEZ GOLFIN, Madrid, Spain
Olivier GACH, Liege, Belgium
Madalina GARBI, London, United Kingdom
Ana GARCIA MARTIN, Madrid, Spain
Ariana GONZALEZ GOMEZ, Madrid, Spain
Gilbert HABIB, Marseille, France
Jérôme HOURDAIN, Marseille, France                       
Bernard IUNG, Paris,France
Joelle KEFER, Louvain, Belgium
Philippe KOLH, Liege, Belgium
Giovanni LA CANNA, Milano, Italy
Patrizio LANCELLOTTI, Liege, Belgium
Thierry LE TOURNEAU, Lille, France
Teresa  LOPEZ, Madrid, Spain                   
Christophe MARTINEZ, Liege, Belgium
Julia MASCHERBAUER, Vienna, Austria
Jan MINNERS, Basel,Germany                   
Thomas MODINE, Lille, France
Jean-Luc MONIN, Paris, France
David MONTAIGNE, Lille, France                       
Marco MOSCARIELLI, United-kingdom and Italy                                                
Maria NAZARENA PIZZI, Barcelona, Spain
Cécile OURY, Liege, Belgium
Agnès PASQUET, Brussels, Belgium
Anna Sonia PETRONIO, Pisa, Italy
Philippe PIBAROT, Québec, Canada
Luc A. PIERARD, Liege, Belgium
Marc RADERMECKER, Liege, Belgium
Jorge SOLIS MARTIN , Madrid, Spain

Pilar TORNOS, Barcelona, Spain
Philippe UNGER, Brussels, Belgium
Mani VANNAN, Atlanta, United States
Jean-Louis VANOVERSCHELDE, Louvain, Belgium
Isidre VILACOSTA, Madrid, Spain
Jose Luis ZAMORANO, Madrid, Spain
Xiao ZHOU, Bejing, China

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