June 8-10, 2014 - Nice, France


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Sunday June 8
12.45   Opening remarks, E. Ducasse, M. Amor, P. Bergeron
    13.00   Tumescent less saphenous ablation
        Moderators: J-L. Gérard, R. Milleret, P. Montorsi
    13.00   Lafoss: laser and foam, J-L. Gillet
    13.13   Superglue, T. Proebstle
    13.26   Cryo-Sclerosis revisited, R. Milleret
    13.39   Standardized microfoam for saphenous vein ablation, D. Wright
    13.52   Discussion
    13.57   Preservation of saphenous trunks
        Moderators: M. Perrin, K. Kalligiani, B. Prate
    13.57   Office Based Chiva, F. Passariello
    14.10   External Valvuloplasty, S. Camilli
    14.23   ASVAL, S. Chastanet
    14.36   Discussion
    14.41   New trends
        Moderators: T. Proebstle, J-L. Gillet
    14.41   Complications after endothermal ablation, J-L. Gérard
    14.54   Does varicose vein surgery have a future? P. Pittaluga
    15.07   Iliac vein’s stenting in pelvic congestion syndromes, O. Hartung
    15.14   Discussion
15.30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
16.00   Thoracic branch stent grafts complications
    Moderators: N. Mangialardi, D. Reid, M. Thompson
16.00   Improving outcomes with advanced imaging techniques, M. Farber
16.09   How does EVAR affect the treatment and outcome of type A dissection, P. Bergeron
 16.18   Hybrid repair, P. Cao
16.27   Fenestrated devices (custom and homemade), T. Azuma
16.36   Branched devices (custom and homemade), T. Resch
16.45   Discussion
16.54   Treatment of short-term complications after TEVAR for acute B dissection, G. Torsello
17.03   Open surgery for false lumen enlargement after TEVAR for B dissection, N. Mangialardi
17.12   Hybrid repair for complicated chronic B dissection, Z. Rancic
17.21   Endovascular repair for complicated chronic B dissection, M. Farber
17.30   Ruptured TAAA, E. Jean-Baptiste
17.39   Complications management after branched/fenestrated stentgrafts, P. Kasprzak
17.48   Simulation to reduce complications in TEVAR, I. Van Herzeele
17.57   Present state of the multillayered flow modulator, E. Diethrich
18.06   Discussion

    18.11  Video session       
    Moderators: E. Ducasse, S. Müller-Hülsbeck
    18.11   Chimney case in the arch, Z. Rancic 
    18.19   Fenestrated case in the arch, M. Thompson
    18.27   Branched case in the arch, T. Resch
    18.35   Local repair in aortic dissection, S. Ronchey
    18.43   TEVAR of zone zero in dissection, N. Mangialardi
    18.51   Discussion
19.00   MEET & ISES Welcoming drinks