June 8-10, 2014 - Nice, France


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Monday June 9
08.00   New developments in carotid stenting
    Moderators: K. Mathias, N. Hopkins, A. Halliday
08.00   Endovascular treatment of carotid artery occlusion in acute stroke, K. Mathias
08.07   Stenting of carotid dissection at the acute phase, E. Houdart
08.14   Carotid stenting in subtotal carotid stenosis, I. Petrov
08.21   OCT evaluation of micromesh carotid stent, J. Lemoine
08.28   CAS 2014: where are we for symptomatic patients? N. Hopkins
08.35   CAS 2014: where are we for asymptomatic patients? A. Halliday
08.42   Simultaneous bilateral carotid artery stenting vs unilateral carotid artery stenting: early and long-term results, X. Jiang
08.49   Why asymptomatic carotid stenosis should be treated, C. Buckley
08.56   Flow reversal for carotid protection in difficult cases : tips and tricks, P. Montorsi
09.03   Discussion

09.12   Case reports and videos with MCQ
    09.12   A new area for CAS with a novel stent, M. Amor
    09.19   A safe cervical access for CAS using US guidance and closing device, P. Bergeron
    09.26   A Silk Road case, N. Hopkins
    09.33   Discussion

09.45   Industry sponsored symposium
10.30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall

11.00   EVAR challenges: follow-up, endoleaks and complications
    Moderators: I. van Herzeele, S. Ronchey, Z. Krajcer
11.00   Debate
    11.00   If you don’t have an effective follow-up program, don’t do EVAR, M. Thompson
    11.07   Not every EVAR patient needs strict follow-up, R. McWilliams
    11.14   Vote & discussion
11.20   Iliac endograft thrombosis after EVAR, A. Mansilha
11.27   Enlargement of the proximal neck, P. Cao, C. Ferrer
11.34   How do I treat type I endoleaks?
    11.34   FEVAR, T. Resch
    11.41   Endoanchors are the way forward, J-P. De Vries
    11.48   Chimps, Z. Rancic
    11.55   Vote & discussion
12.02   Treatment of the type II endoleaks, J. Van Den Berg
12.09   Why not prevent endoleaks before they become a frustrating problem?, C. Buckley
12.16   EVAS: initial experience with NELLIX, J-M. Alsac
12.23   Late results of secondary interventions for endoleaks, F. Verzini
12.30   Intentional occlusion of fenestrations and sidebranches for endoleak treatment: incidence, underlying reasons and techniques, J. Tessarek
12.37   Rescue EVAR for ruptured AAA: clinical success doesn’t mean technical success, F. Setacci
12.44   Discussion
 12.48   Infected stent-grafts
    12.48   PET-CT in the follow-up of EVAR-treated AAA complicated by aorto-duodenal fistula,
N. Sakalihasan
    12.55   Conservative, endovascular relining or conversion, L. Chiche
    13.02   Discussion
13.15   Lunch break
14.15   Industry sponsored session   ePosters competition session
         Jury: I. Van Herzeele, S. Ronchey
16.00   Coffee break in the exhibition hall  
16.30   Industry sponsored symposium
17.15   Renal artery stenosis and denervation 
    Moderators: H. Benamer, M. Amor, X. Jiang 
17.15   What is the place today of renal angioplasty, A. Sauguet
17.25   Rational for the renal denervation in resistant hypertension, A. Pathak 
17.35   Results and a French experience of renal denervation in resistant hypertension, H. Benamer 
17.45   Anatomic datas in renal denervation, M. Amor 
17.55   Simple to complex renal denervation cases, H. Benamer 
18.05   Discussion  
18.10   Honorary guests lectures
 18.10   The Pioneers in endovascular area: what did they all have in common? E. Diethrich
 18.30   State of the art on carotid aneurysm, Z. Krajcer
18.50   End of the sessions 
20.00   Official dinner