Dear Partners,

We are proud to present the 2015 edition of the RHYTHM Congress from May 28 to 30. Two and a half days dedicated to new insights & technological advances of arrhythmias and heart failure treatments.As a biennal congress, the RHYTHM has become a major event in rhythmology and cardiac pacing over the years, gathering up to 400 professionals.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to support the RHYTHM 2015 edition, to be held again in Marseille, in the PHARO congress center. For its 8th edition, the first day of the congress will be dedicated to new anticoagulants and ablation or atrial fibrillation. Also, many video cases will feature well known practitioners presenting new devices.

The second day will be made of conferences by international experts on ventricular arrhythmias, ablation of classical arrhythmias and channelopathies. New this year, Saturday will present clinical cases and interactive voting over a half day to allow discussion and to offer each physician a unique opportunity to get an update on their everyday practice.

Symposia will also be scheduled every day to continue the discussion and present industry results and news in the main room before lunch.
We thank you in advance for supporting RHYTHM 2015 for a future-oriented education on arrhythmias and heart failure treatments.

The Rhythm congress Directors
Fiorenzo Gaita, Franck Halimi, Jean-François Leclercq,
André Pisapia, Julien Seitz & Jérôme Taieb



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