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June 9
Friday June 2
08.00   Welcoming Coffee
08.30   Optimal vascular imaging for every (endo)vascular program
    Animator: Richard Mc Williams
    Moderator: Isabelle Van Herzeele
08.30   Case 1: Imaging needed in peripheral interventions, Lieven Maene
08.45   Case 2: Fusion Imaging to safely treat aortic dissection, Adrien Hertault
09.00   Case 3: Surveillance after EVAR/EVAS, Iain Roy
09.15   Case 4: Chimney EVAS case, Tze Chan
09.30   Case 5: Radiation protection in (F)EVAR, Adrien Hertault
    Take home message by the animator
10.00   Coffee break
10.30   Endovascular TAA(A) repair anno 2017
    Animators: Nicola Mangialardi, Barend Mees
    Moderators: Nuno Dias, Christan Etz, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico, Geert Willem Schurink,
Piotr Szopinsky
10.30   Techniques for endovascular aortic arch repair, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico
10.50   Predicting adverse events after type B aortic dissection, Geert Willem Schurink
11.10   Off the shelf devices for TAA repair, Piotr Szopinsky
11.30   Pre-conditioning of the spinal cord, Christan Etz
11.50   Fate of the target vessels in endovascular TAAA repair, Nuno Dias
12.10   Discussion
12.30   Lunch break on the rooftop
13.30   Femoropopliteal disease:
the right device for femoropopliteal lesions
    Animator: Yann Gouëffic
    Moderators: Laurent Chiche, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Francesco Liistro,
Lieven Maene, Herman Schroe
13.30   Clinical case 1: DEB is my favorite option, Francesco Liistro
13.45   Clinical case 2: DES: just do it, Wouter Lansink
14.00   Clinical case 3: Bioresorbable stent for the future, Lieven Maene
14.15   Clinical case 4: Covered stent is my favorite repair for ISR, Koen Deloose
  Clinical case 5: Debulking device is the best treatment for ISR, Eric Ducasse
14.45   Clinical case 6: Bypass is still a good option, Laurent Chiche
    Take home message by the animator
15.15   The endovascular treatment of CFA
    Animator: Lieven Maene
    Moderators: Yvonne Bausback, Koen Deloose, Yann Gouëffic, Giovanni Pratesi,
Aljoscha Rastan, Nikos Werner
15.15   Clinical case 1: Debulking is required, Aljoscha Rastan
15.30   Clinical case 2: I do not fear to realize CFA stenting, Koen Deloose
15.45   Clinical case 3: CFA bifurcation endovascular treatment is not a problem,
Yvonne Bausback
16.00   Clinical case 4: Troubleshooting, Yann Gouëffic
16.15   Clinical case 5: Why do I prefer treating CFA with 4F solutions?, Bertrand Saint Lebes
16.30   Clinical case 6: Open surgery is still the gold standart, Giovanni Pratesi
    Take home message by the animator
17.00   Associate Faculty Program (oral presentations)
    Animators: Adrien Hertault, Célia Riga
    Moderator: Nicholas Cheshire
17.00   Parametric color coding of digital subtraction angiography in the evaluation of the type B chronic aortic dissection during TEVAR: a preliminary study, Tinelli Giovanni
17.05   Endograft infection after endovascular aneurysm repair: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Cawley Oliver
17.10   Treatment strategies for peripheral arterial disease in-stent restenosis: a systematic review,
Cawley Oliver
17.15   Bypass surgery for chronic lower limb ischaemia : Cochrane Review, Cawley Oliver
17.20   Initial experience with OVATION stent graft in treatment of challenging aortic aneurysms,
Duvnjak Stevo
17.25   Endovascular Repair of a complex aortic arch aneurysm with in situ fenestration,
Huilgol Ravi
17.30   Endovascular treatment of femoral anastomotic aneurysm, Moreira Mario
17.35   Endovascular treatment of isolated degenerative superficial femoral artery aneurysm,
Mufty Hozan
17.40   Popliteal Artery Stenting- A retrospective Audit, Powell Simon
17.45   Completion of operation notes to a proforma improves data quality, Powell Simon
17.50   Volumetric Assessment of Morphological Alterations of Type B Aortic Dissection: Prognostic Role in the Monitoring of Patients Treated with Stent-graft or Medical Treatment,
Saint Lebes Bertrand
17.55   Success of EVRFA: a single centre experience, Singh Sanjay
18.00   Staged Complex Endovascular Repair of Ruptured Extent III Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Singh Sanjay
18.05   EVRFA of long saphenous vein: Single centre early experience and technique for challenging veins, Singh Sanjay
18.10   Innominate Artery Mural Thrombus, Soares Tony
18.20   Endovascular management of transplant renal artery stenosis, Taktak Ons
18.25   Hybrid treatment of an aneurysm of the internal carotid artery associated with a double carotid loop through a fibromuscular dysplasia, Taktak Ons
18.30   Various implantation techniques of stent-grafts modules for abdominal and iliac aneurysms repair: a first experience in Russia, Anna Oleschuk
18.35   Awards and adjournment