Thursday April 26, 2018
  08:15   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
  08:45   Opening ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano, Luc A Piérard
  08:50   Local hosts' presentation of the venue
Khalil Fattouch, Salvatore Novo, Corrado Tamburino
  09:00   Symposium: spotlight on valvular heart disease guidelines
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, José Luis Zamorano
  09:00   Aortic valve disease, Raphael Rosenhek
  09:18   Mitral valve disease, Luc A. Piérard
  09:36   Prosthetic heart valve, Bernard Iung
  09:54   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Volkmar Falk, Gilbert Habib, Philippe Pibarot, Prakash P. Punjabi, Maurice Sarano
  10:05   Keynote lecture
Chairmen: Julia Mascherbauer, Salvatore Novo, Corrado Tamburino
  10:05   Valvular heart failure: prevalence and treatment approaches, Madalina Garbi
  10:20   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Bernard Cosyns, Giuseppina Novo,
Pierpaolo Prestifilippo
  10:30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      Live case from Maria Eleonora Hospital (TAVI procedures)
  11:00   Flash news on atrial fibrillation
Chairmen: Salvatore Corrao, Luc A. Piérard, Maurice Sarano
  11:00   How to assess the risk of embolism? Erwan Donal
  11:15   Is there a role for DOACS? Cécile Oury
  11:30   When to pursue rhythm control? Nina Ajmone Marsan
  11:45   Is AF a marker for earlier referral for valve treatment? Massimo Mancone
  12:00   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Scipione Carery, Rodolphe Durieux, Maurizio Galderisi, Diego Milazzo
  12:10   Industry symposium
  12:10   symposium
      Boston Scientific Structural Heart Program Update, Leo Ihlberg
  12:55   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
  14:00   Translational aortic valve research: from biology to treatment
      Chairmen: Riccardo Asteggiano, Scipione Carery, Corrado Tamburino
  14:00   Aortic valve stenosis: biological mechanism and imaging diagnosis, Marc Dweck
  14:15   Aortic valve stenosis: medical treatment. Still in the pipeline, Philippe Pibarot
  14:30   Standardized definition of bioprosthetic valve deterioration and failure,
Anna Sonia Petronio
  14:45   TAVI deterioration: mechanisms, treatment, prevention, Joelle Keffer
  15.00   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Cesare de Gregorio, Cécile Oury,
Natzi Sakalihasan
  15:10   News flash on the HAVEC registry programme
Chairmen: Marc Radermecker, Agnes Pasquet
  15:10   First reports, Patrizio Lancellotti
  15:30   Short communications - Joint with SICCH
Pushing the limits: trans-catheter aortic valve replacement

Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, Giuseppe Speziale, Alessandro Lupi
  15:30   Overview on ongoing randomized clinical trials in TAVI, Massimo Mancone
  15:45   Is TAVR already arguable in low and moderate risk patients? Thomas Modine
      - Yes: Thomas Modine 
      - No: Joelle Kefer
  16:00   TAVI versus Suturless: patients selection in intermediate and lower risk,
Claudio Muneretto
  16:15   3D modelling, deep learning and artificial intelligence to plan intervention,
Mani Vannan
  16:30   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Caterina Gandolfo, Joelle Kefer, Christophe Martinez, Konstantinos Spargias
  16:40   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
  17:10   DICE Session. Challenging the experts. The endocarditis team
Chairmen: Bernard Cosyns, Raluca Elena Dulgheru, Jose Luis Zamorano
  17:10   TAVI endocarditis, Bernard Iung
  17:20   IE with cerebral hemorrhage, Gilbert Habib
  17:30   Endocarditis team round table discussion, Frederic Frippiat, Francesco Pitrolo,
George Saad
  17:40   End of the sessions