Saturday March 28, 2015
07:30   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall   

  Controversy in secondary mitral regurgitation
José Luis Zamorano, Luc Piérard
08:00   Repair, Khalil Fattouch     
08:20   Replace, Prakash P Punjabi     
08:40   Round table discussion with experts panel, Bernard Iung, Philippe Kolh  


  Keynote lecture
José Luis Zamorano
State-of-the-art on transcatheter mitral valve procedures, Giovanni La Canna 
Round table discussion with experts panel, Thomas Modine, Gilbert Habib,
Robert Dion
09:30   Industry symposium:
Improving patient outcome through innovation
Alain Berrebi, Khalil Fattouch
09:30   New generation stented vales: the Crown PRT, Martin Hartrumpf  
09:50   Latest generation of surgical valves: the Sutureless Solution for AVR,
Bart Meuris   
10:10   Innovation in mitral repair: the Memo 3D Rechord, Xavier Ruya
10:30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall

  Improving Risk Stratification in Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis
Patrizio Lancellotti, Raphael Rosenhek
11:00   Exercise Testing and Stress echo, Raluca Dulgheru 
11:15   Valve Calcification by CT, David Messika-Zeitoun   
11:30   Neuro-hormones, Jutta Bergler-Klein   
11:45   Myocardial fibrosis by MRI, Victoria Delgado   
12:00   Round discussion with experts panel, Cécile Oury, Julien Magne  
12:15   Industry symposium: 
Mitral Regurgitation in the MitraClip Era
José Luis Zamorano, Patrizio Lancellotti
12:15   Introduction, Patrizio Lancellotti  

  What has changed since the introduction of MitraClip Therapy?
José Luis Zamorano   
12:30   Patient selection for MitraClip Therapy, Gilbert Habib   
12:42   Patient management during and after MitraClip Therapy,
Eric Brochet   
12:54   MitraClip Therapy Clinical Evidence & Trial Program, Victoria Delgado   
13:06   Discussion, Patrizio Lancellotti  
13:10   ConclusionPatrizio Lancellotti  
13:15   Lunch in the exhibition hall

  Clinical Session: challenging clinical situation
Gilbert Habib, Pierre Gibelin
14:15   A case of large vegetation with neurological complication, Isidre Vilacosta  
14:30   A case of prosthetic valve endocarditis, Eric Brochet     
14:45   A case of urgent surgery, Khalil Fattouch     
15:00   Round discussion with expert panel, Bernard Cosyns, Raphael Rosenhek 

  Challenging/controversial issues in the management of VHD
Philippe Kolh
15:30   Low gradient severe (?) aortic stenosis, Philippe Pibarot   
15:50   Left-sided severe valvular disease with concomitant tricuspid regurgitation,
Filip Dulguerou
16:10   Staged approach in high risk patients with severe AS: BAV and then TAVR?
Mark Monaghan   
16:30   Round discussion with expert panel, Jutta Bergler-Klein, Bernard Iung  
16:50   Closing remarks / ePosters awards ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano,
Raphael Rosenhek