Friday April 26, 2019
  08:30   Welcome coffee in th exhibition hall
  Hot debates in valvular heart disease
Chairmen: Philippe Pibarot, José-Luis Zamorano
      Normal flow – low-gradient AS: neither severe nor to be replaced
  09:00   PRO. Jean-Louis VanoverscheldePDF
  09:15   CON. Marie-Annick ClavelPDF
  09:30   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Mani Vannan, Marc Radermecker, Joelle Kefer, Bernard Iung
  09:40   Management of bioprosthetic valve failure (ESC Core Curriculum in VHD)
Chairmen : Manuel Antunes, Patrizio Lancellotti, Julia Mascherbauer
  09:40   PRO Valve-in-valve is the standard. Philippe PibarotPDF
  09:55   CON Valve-in-valve only for high-risk patients. Joelle KeferPDF
  10:10   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Julia Mascherbauer, Manuel Antunes, Anna Sonia Petronio
  10:30   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      Poster Display of accepted abstract
  11:00   Case base session. The endocarditis team: how to manage difficult situations?
Chairmen:Patrizio Lancellotti, Manuel Antunes
  11:00   TAVR endocarditis. Bernard Iung
  11:15   Endocarditis in IVDA. Gilbert HabibPDF
  11:30   Pacemaker lead endocarditis. Maria Nazarena PizziPDF
  11:45   Embolic complication. Isidre Vilacosta
  12:00   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Philippe Kolh, Marco Moscarelli, María Nazarena Pizzi
  12:45   Industry symposium
  13:15   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
      Poster Display of accepted abstract
  14:15   Challenges in the management of valvular heart diseases
Chairmen: Arturo Evangelista, Gilbert Habib, Javier Bermejo
  14:15   Geometrical and functional cardiac changes after cardiac surgery. Ana Garcia Martin
  14:25   Aortic valve repair for aortic regurgitation. Khalil FattouchPDF
  14:35   TAVI for bicuspid aortic valve. Augustin CoisnePDF
  14:45   Replacement or repair in secondary MR? Khalil Fattouch
  14:55   Round table discussion with experts' panel. Ariana Gonzalez Gomez
  15:10   Interactive session: what is your diagnosis? (ESC Core Curriculum in VHD)
Chairmen: Thierry Le Tourneau, Philippe Unger
  15:10   A storm. Javier BermejoPDF
  15:25   A trick. Madalina GarbiPDF
  15:40   A nightmare. Giovanni La CannaPDF
  15:55   A pitfall. Covadonga Fernández-GolfínPDF
  16:10   Round table discussion with experts' panel. John Chambers, Thomas Modine, Luc A. Piérard, Jorge Solis Martin
  16:30   Closing remarks
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano, Luc A Piérard, Isidre Villacosta, Philippe Pibarot, Thomas Modine

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