EP100 - Frequency of aortic aneurysm forming and dissection in patients with bicuspid aortic valve (BAV).
Юрий Тарасенко, Kravchenko V.I., Larionova O.B., Kravchenko I.M.,  Pantas O.V.,Tarasenko Yu.M., Dorofieieva S.I.,  Lazoryshynets V.V. Kiev, Ukraine
EP102 - Aortic valve balloon valvuloplasty is lifesaving procedure in octogenarians with end-stage unstable aortic stenosis
Zvonimir Ostojic, Vlatka Reskovic Luksic, Josko Bulum, Jadranka Separovic Hanzevacki Zagreb
EP104 - Extracellular Volume Expansion Predicts Mortality In Aortic Stenosis  
Thomas A Treibel, Kush Patel, Paul R Scully, Anish Bhuva, Sucharitha Chadalavada, Rebecca Kozor, Rebecca Schofield, Marianna Fontana, Steven K White, Anna S Herrey, Charlotte Manisty, James C Moon. London, UK
EP106 - Preliminary results of aortic valve replacement in Mauritania. 
H. Madi, TK. Argueina, F. Mohamed Ahmed, A. Sow, K. Boye.  Mauritania
EP108 - Hydatid cyst wall on both left and right ventricles: Case report
B. Aziza;S. Cherif;R.A. Koutchoukali;A. Bouzid Constantine, Alger
EP110 - Cardiac lymphoma: case report
B .Aziza; S.Cherif; R.A.Koutchoukali;A. Bouzid Constantine, Algeria
EP112 - Severe aortic stenosis and left ventricular dysfunction: TAVI OR SURGERY? Unicentric experience.
Irene Méndez Santos, Javier Cortes Cortes, Iria Martínez Primoy, Antonio Fernández Romero, Rafael Hidalgo Urbano, Rafael Ruíz Salmerón, José-Miguel Barquero Aroca, Román Calvo Jambrina. Sevilla, Spain

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